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On the air for more than a quarter century, AgDay covers all aspects of the country experience. Along with proving the nation’s farmers and ranchers with the latest news, weather and business headlines, AgDay reaches out to EVERY household telling the fascinating story of American agriculture.


Machinery Pete TV

Machinery Pete, LLC is the nation’s leading resource for farm equipment values. Founder Greg Peterson (“Machinery Pete”) has researched and analyzed auction prices since 1989. Peterson hosts the “Machinery Pete TV” program and is a sought-after speaker and consultant, plus cultivates an enviable following on the major social media platforms.


AgriTalk After the Bell

Market expert, Chip Flory is host of After the Bell. The only national radio talk show devoted to the daily analysis of the farm commodity markets.  After the Bell is the go-to radio program for farmers and ranchers that are looking to dig deeper into the markets each afternoon.  


U.S. Farm Report

On the air for more than three decades, “U.S. Farm Report” remains the longest-running syndicated program focusing on agriculture, rural issues and the country lifestyle. Hosted by multi-media agricultural journalist with Missouri roots Tyne Morgan, a new edition of the program airs each weekend on stations coast-to-coast.



Host Chip Flory brings together the best and the brightest in agriculture’s only national talk show devoted to farm production, policy and technology. On the air since 1994, this is an engaging hour of news, markets, commentary and analysis. It’s the national voice for American agriculture. 


American Countryside

American Countryside is truly a daily dose of what makes America great.  Hosted by Missouri Farmer and Rancher, Andrew McCrea,  American Countryside is a compelling three minute radio feature that will make you late for an appointment.  Winner of five “Oscars in Ag”,  American Countryside is available for  sponsorship and includes an embedded thirty or sixty second commercial and an opening sponsor billboard voiced by Andrew McCrea.


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